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YallaDr is an online medical platform that connects patients with doctors, pharmacies, labs and radiologies all together. patients can save their medical records too and it will automatically get updated with every new action on the app like buying new medicine or booking appointment. In emergy cases, patients can request doctor to their location too


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Founders link is a connecting platform which helps founders and creators connect to each other to facilate the team creation part. Founders link also work with each new created startup and provide them with support, mentoring sessions, training and even competitions and investors



An online rescue platform which helps females feel safe again by helping them fight sexual harassment. When In danger, female can request a rescue call either by pressing a button on the app or through a voice order "RESCUE" and the emergency alarm will be activated immediately. When it's activated, a message is sent to emergency contacts pre-saved on the app, activate serien alarm and most importantly send request to near-by rescuers who will get notification and the app will help them navigate to her location


Features from the future

Best UI design

Based on material design principles.
Works with any screen resolution

Customized settings

Choose settings depending on the criteria you value the most. With no limits.


support 24/7 active.
The support you need, right there.


Non consuming background operation for longer mobile life

Best UX ever

With our Created apps, your users will enjoy the best experience ever

Best value ever

we will serve you the best, Just imagine what you need

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